Music Review: Rajneeti

The much hyped and much talked about music album is here. Though Prakash Jha is not well known for the music in his movies, I was eager to see what he had to offer in his latest movie. A bunch of music composers have come together and contributed a song to this album. Rajneeti is a serious movie, so one can expect some serious music.

Bheegi si Bhaagi si
Music Composer: Pritam
Singers: Antara Mitra, Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics: Irshad Kamiil

The album opens with a Pritam number. It’s sung by Mohit Chauhan who does complete justice to the song and he is accompanied by Antara Mitra, who was last seen in Indian Idol 2 and Junoon. Her voice seems modulated in this – very heavily. I guess that is very common these days, huh? The song does not have a Pritam’s impression on it. Very mediocre song and easily forgettable.

More Piya
Music Composer: Aadesh Shrivastava
Singers: Aadesh Shrivastava, Shashi & Rosalie Nicholson
Lyrics: Sameer

Aadesh Shrivastava is back and how! A melodious song which is classical based and has western beats. Aadesh is the composer and the singer and he is excellent in both. His rendition of the song is just touching. Possibly the best song of the album. This song is remixed in a trance mix and is sung by Kavita Seth. I am not a big fan of remixed songs and I did not like this one either. The original song is much better.

Ishq Barse
Music Composer: Shantanu Moitra
Singers: Pronob Biswas, Hamsika Iyer, Swanand Kirkire
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

A very different song from the Moitra-Kirkire clan. They are known for giving us melodious, meaningful songs which are pleasant on the ears, but this song is totally different. It is a fast trapping song which can be considered as an item number. Hamsika Iyer lends her voice to this song and does a good job. Interesting lyrics by Kirkire, as always. Trust him to use words like ‘atkan matkan’, ‘boondan boondan’ and ‘dahi’ in an item number!

Dhan Dhan Dharti
Music Composer: Shankar Mahadevan
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Gulzar

This contemplative song, composed and sung by Shankar Mahadevan is a call to the soul indeed. The words are Gulzar saab’s and no need to say anything about him, right? The song is not all that great. Mahadevan has given us better songs.

This is not a music album which will stay with music lovers for long. Though talented music composers have come together for this album, they fail to impress. Listen to the song to decide for yourself.

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