SOTW: Naani Teri Morni

Song: Naani Teri Morni Ko
Movie: Masoom (1960)
Music Director: Hemant Kumar
Singer(s): Ranu Mukherjee
Lyrics: Shailendra

After a long hiatus, we are back with our weekly series, Song of the Week. Thanks to my little kid, I have been listening to a lot of children’s songs. Naani Teri Morni Ko is one of those songs which every single person had heard in their childhood, but is not sure about the movie or the words. I looked up this song and watched the picturization and it is awesome. There is this little girl, singing and dancing around the house, while the rest of the family is standing and swaying to the song. The choreography, if there is any, is hilarious.

This song will be loved by kids and adults alike. A simple, catchy tune, funny words and a cute little girl on screen – who wouldn’t like this song? This song is from the movie ‘Masoom’, which was released in 1960.  Another movie with the same name came much later, which had another great children’s song ‘Lakdi Ki Kaathi’.

Music is by Hemant Kumar. The singer with that sweet voice is Ranu Mukherjee. Unlike in those days where a kids’ song would be sung by a female singer, this song is actually sung by a child. This little nightingale is Hemant da’s daughter. How is that for trivia? Words are by Shailendra. Enjoy the innocence in this song. Here are the words.

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