Music Review: Well Done Abba

Album: Well Done Abba
Music Composers:
Shantanu Moitra
Lyricists: Ashok Mishra, Ila Arun, Swanand Kirkire

Meri Banno Hoshiyar
Singer: Ila Arun
Ila Arun

This is such a catchy and fun song. It is based on a folk tune and Ila Arun just rocks in these kind of songs. The tune is folky, the background music sometimes takes on rock beats and this makes it a great combination. Lyrics are simple and humorous.

Bawdi Humko Hona Re
Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Swanand Kirkire
Lyricist: Swanand Kirkire

Mohit, for once, is singing fast songs. He has a cool, calming voice and his singing attitude is one that of being lazy. This song is anything but lazy. Fast beats, fast singing and Mohit pulls this one off with elan. Swanand Kirkire supports Mohit in a few lines. A fast paced, fun song.

Sandesa Sandesa Hawa Mein
Singer: Shreya Goshal and Rupankar
Lyricist: Ashok Mishra

A soft, romantic numbers with a catchy tune. Moitra’s music and Shreya’s voice will make you nostalgic and take you back to Parineeta’s ‘Piyu Bole’ and rightly so. This song is not as brilliant as the other one, but it is a nice song, nevertheless.

Rahiman Ishq Ka Dhaaga Re
Singer: Raja Hasan and Raghav
Lyricist: Ashok Mishra

A song with a Sufi touch and sung beautifully by Raja Hasan and Raghav. A soothing song with beautiful alaaps. The chorus line ‘tana dirana’ is so enchanting that I used to wait for this line in the entire song. This song might not top the charts but will definitely remain with you. Personally, I think this is the best song of the album.

Paani Ko Taraste
Singer: Raja Hasan and Krishan Beura
Lyricist: Ashok Mishra

The song starts with a soft music of water droplets. It is so melodious and soothing. The song, overall, is ok-ok. Nothing special.

I am so happy to see an album which does not have any remix songs. Other music directors should take  a hint from this album. I don’t understand what is the point in adding remix songs in the album. Anyways, this is an above average album. Nothing noteworthy, but the songs are quite hummable and stay with you. Give it a try.

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