SOTW: Aake Seedhi Lagi

Song: Aake Seedhi Lagi
Movie: Half Ticket (1962)
Music Director: Salil Chowdhary
Singer(s): Kishore Kumar and Kishore Kumar (??!!)
Lyrics: Shailendra

This song was recently refreshed in the minds of the music lovers by Aabhaas, the young, shy contestant in Star Plus’s Voice of India. He sung this song on the show and won the hearts of the judges and the audiences alike. He was one of the few contestants who chose to sing old beauties and left the newer dance numbers to the other contestants. There was another female contestant, whose name I forget, who too chose to sing old numbers and she chose some real gems like Mai Ri from Dastak. No surprise, neither of them won the show.

The special thing about this song is the playback singer. I know Kishore Kumar is special by  himself, but this song is even more special because he has sung the male and female lines of this song. The movie has Kishore Kumar in the lead role as a mentally retarded person who considers himself a little boy and acts like one. The title, Half Ticket, refers to him because he asks for half ticket when he travels by train. This song is picturized on Kishore Kumar dressed up as a village girl and Pran, who wants to catch hold of Kishore for ulterior motives. Kishore Kumar’s male voice is for Pran and the female voice is for Kishore Kumar himself. Kishoreji has sung this song with such sincerity that you can’t make out the female voice is his if you don’t know beforehand.

This black-n-white, light hearted comedy movie is worth a watch. Watch it for Kishore Kumar.

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