SOTW: Huzoor Is Kadar

Song: Huzoor Is Kadar
Movie: Masoom (1983)
Music Director: R D Burman
Singer(s): Bhupinder and Suresh Wadkar
Lyrics: Gulzar

This movie tackled a controversial subject, considering the time it was released in. If you have Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in the lead roles, you can’t expect a masala potboiler, it has to be art or parallel cinema. Masoom had the amazing R D Burman-Gulzar duo which gave some memorable gems in this movie. The first song that comes to mind is of course Tujhse Naaraaz Nahin Zindagi. Though there are two versions of this song, male and female but for some reason, the one sung by Lata Mangeshkar overshadows the other one. The male version is just as beautiful, but Latadi’s popularity is probably the reason for that. Another popular song is the peppy, children’s song Lakdi Ki Kaathi. Gulzar saab is given the credit of writing a children’s song which is not very childish. I don’t know about childishness, but this song seems to catch the attention of every little kid.

Another beautiful song lies hidden under the popularity of these two songs. Huzoor Is Kadar is one of those rare duet songs where both the singers are of the same gender. The song is picturized on the slightly tipsy Naseeruddin Shah and Saeed Jaffrey. Gulzar saab took sympathy on lesser mortals like us and has used all simple words and that is probably what makes this song beautiful. Panchamda’s music is mesmerizing. Watch the video.

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