Zara si aahat hoti hai

Song: Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai
Movie: Haqeeqat (1964)
Music: Madan Mohan
Singers: Lata Mngeshkar
Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

I first listened to this song on Lata Mangeshkar’s Legends series. I still can’t believe how blissfully unaware I was of the existence of this song. This is probably the one song which caught my attention immediately and has held it till date.

My memory was refreshed when I listened to this song recently on Farishta, Worldpsace’s radio station for old Hindi music. The show was a special on Lata’s songs from 1960s and aired some of her best songs, some of which I was not even aware of. Kudos to the organizers of this show and the host, Rakesh. Hope to listen to more such shows in the future. One complaint I have is they don’t publicize the shows enough. If they repeatedly advertise these special shows on their stations, people will be informed about them. I don’t know how many such shows I have missed for not being aware!

Coming back to the song, it is from the movie Haqeeqat. I know nothing about the movie. Neither have I watched it, nor have I read about it. In fact, I avoided watching the video of the song until now. After listening to the song so many times, I have created an impression of the song in my mind. It is soft and beautiful and just like how I want it. I didn’t want to shatter this image after watching the original video. But I did watch it today and was not disappointed. The video does justice to the song – it doesn’t go overboard by making the lady dance and sway.

The music is by none other than Madan Mohan. The beautiful words which express the longing of the lady for her beloved have been written by Kaifi Azmi, another artist par excellence. The best part of the song has to be Lata’s voice. It is young and supple and is just right for the song. For once I think this song couldn’t have been as good in anybody else’s voice. Her harkatein, certain pauses between words – all contribute to bring out the eagerness in meeting the beloved. Lata’s voice has so much of longing and waiting squeezed in it. In short, this song is magical from beginning to end.

Zara si aahat hoti hai to dil sochta hai
Kahin yeh woh to nahi

Chupke seene mein koi jaise sada deta hai
Shaam ke pehle diya dil ka jala deta hai
Hai usi ki yeh sada, hai usi ki yeh ada
Kahin yeh woh to nahi

Shakl phirti hai nigahon mein wohi pyari si
Meri nas nas mein machalne lagi chingari si
Choo gayi si jism mera kiski daman ki hawa
Kahin yeh woh to nahi

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