Sara Pyar Tumhara

Song: Sara Pyar Tumhara
Movie: Anand Ashram
Music: Shyamal Mitra
Singers: Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar
Lyrics: Indeewar

Anand Ashram, a 1977 movie, had Sharmila Tagore, Ashok Kumar, Maushami Chatterjee and many others. Its music was very popular. Music was by Shyamal Mitra and lyrics by Indeewar.

Tum Itni Sundar Ho, a famous song by Yesudas and Preeti Sagar can be heard on Vivdhbharti even now. Jab Chaho Chali Aaoongi is a peppy song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Tere Liye Maine Sabko Chhoda is a beautiful, sad song by Kishore Kumar. The singer’s voice is deep and sonorous in this. These are some of the songs, but the song I like the most is Sara Pyar Tumhara.

I love this duet song, sung by Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar. Melodious tune, beautiful singing and lyrics make this song very attractive. You will like it the first time you listen to it. The music director presents a different kind of music for each song and this song is no different. Kishore and Asha seem to be having a conversation rather than singing out the written lyrics. The wordings are beautiful too. It’s slow pace and melodious tune will suck you in.

Sadly, I don’t hear this song on any radio station. I first heard it on Radio City when Sheetal used to host the 11 o’clock show. Now I hear it on Worldspace’s Farishta. Sheetal Iyer is the Program Director of Farishta, BTW. I don’t know if she has any say in the song selection, but Farishta plays a variety of old Hindi film songs and it is a treat to listen to. Thanks to such radio stations, old, almost forgotten songs are still alive.

4 thoughts on “Sara Pyar Tumhara

  1. Velu Shankar says:

    Dear Anaamica,
    I am glad you are a fan of Farishta.
    Seetal Iyer as the Programme Director of Farishta is the person who is responsible for the music programming, editorial content and practically everything you hear on the station.She heads the talented team of the station which is responsible for reviving the interest in the classics of Hiindi films. More power to her and her team.

  2. Sar vesh says:


    Worldspace and the song u mentioned reminds. I have been listening to ATN XM Satellite Radio in here religiously. The Bhoole Bisre program (hosted by Ashfaaq Hussain) sometimes plays songs that are so addictive even the first time you listen that, you long to listen to them again and agan. Some I am able to trace on internet while others i just keep humning the tunes..

    Like this one i still haven’t found.

    Female: “Tumko Dekha Tho Dil Ne Yeh Kaha
    Lagta Hain Ki Saari Duniya Haseen Hain.. ”

    Male: “TumJo Aaye Tho Dil Ne YeH Kaha…
    TumJo Ho Mere Tho Duniya Haseen Hain..”

  3. bhairavvi says:

    Sara Pyaar Tumhara is a beautiful song. And what I have started noticing is that old music is coming back. People had definatley began to forget in the interim, but now I hear more and more radio stations playing classic songs from the 50’s and 60’s/

  4. prabhat says:

    TumJo Aaye Tho Dil Ne YeH Kaha…
    TumJo Ho Mere Tho Duniya Haseen Hain

    dear plz search thins song or name of singer with album name

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