Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka

Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka on NDTV Imagine is going on well with its share of drama, tears and of course great music. One thing I look forward to in this episode is Sufi music. Sufi singers sing some songs which I have never heard and this is one chance to get to hear some great music and also increase one’s knowledge about Sufi music.

July 25 episode was one of the weakest. The singers were asked to switch genres and Sufi singers ended up singing filmy songs (yuck), folk singers sang Sufi songs and Bollywood guys sung folk. Sufi singers did sing the songs well but it was no where near the magic they create singing Sufi songs. Folk singers singing Sufi was probably the worst combination. More than the awful singing, what is annoying is the point of this whole exercise. These singers are not claiming that they can sing other genre songs. They are not competing for the title of Most Versatile Singer On Earth. A good singer need not be versatile. Not every singer can be Kishore Kumar or Asha Bhosle. Let the singers be themselves.

July 18 episode, on the other hand, was enjoyable. Sufi singers paid tribute to their mentor, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, by singing his songs. Harshdeep sang ‘Mohe ang ang baje amdhur bansuri’ which was so melodious and beautiful. A search revealed that the song is from Rahat’s album Charkha. But the actual song in the album sounded so different from what Harshdeep sang. I later realized that the original song is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s composition and the album, Charkha, has a varient of the same song. The latter song is a bit more modern, so to say, with varying rhythm and Western instruments and the song just doesn’t sound ‘Sufi’. I prefer Harshdeep’s version so much better.

If you want to hear Harshdeep’s version, the only way to do it is to download the video. Rahat’s version is available on Dhingana (the first song). I wish I could get the original Nusrat version.

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