Kismat Konnection

Aziz Mirza is back with a new movie, Kismat Konnection. The trailers are promising, but if one decides to watch a movie depending on its music, then I am staying far away from this movie.

Mirza’s movies have always had great music, with melody being given a lot of importance. While Yes Boss had soulful numbers like ‘Ek din aap yun’, ‘Chaand Taare’ and the super hit song ‘Mein koi aisa geet’, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani had its own share of good songs like ‘Aur Kya’. Chalte Chalte had a fresher feel to it. Abhijeet ruled the roost with ‘Tauba tumhari yeh ishare’ and ‘Suno na’.

I have always enjoyed Mirza’s movies and the music and was looking forward to the new movie’s music. I didn’t find even one good song. Pritam’s name as the music director does not help much. Melody is no where to be seen. With loud, glaring music and punjabi and English lyrics, and every song being duplicated as a remix – it’s an album one should stay away from. Not a single song worth listening to.

I was totally disappointed with this music. I hope at least the movie is not as disappointing.

4 thoughts on “Kismat Konnection

  1. Ila says:

    Agree, KK music is missing the beautiful numbers that Aziz Mirza is associated with.
    But since this one has Shahid, I have made myself like the songs and after listening to them so many time I love them. Of course, they don’t compare to chaand taare or ‘main koi aisa’ but I am guessing Indian audience appreciates all the weird loud music these days so keeping them in mind the music will do well commercially.
    I sure do hope Aziz Mirza has not changed his movie making style to fit in the commercial market of today and has been true to his style … I would love to watch a simple sweet, true to life story…its horrendous to see how bad the movie in B’Wood are these days…movies like Singh is King or Race or whatever (can’t think of any more names now)

  2. Umesh says:

    Thank you for the review. I was expecting some good music from the Director who has given many good numbers in his movies. Disappointing to know that.
    First by the looks was surprised to see Vidya…She is trying too much to change her image.
    The above person by name Ila says Indian audience liking to wierd loud music which should not be encouraged.
    Pritam is more of a copy cat but he still manages some good songs.
    Jab we Met and Life in Metro are examples.

  3. Ritzy says:


    Please do your research well
    Jab we Met and Life in Metro are NOT the right examples. Those are copied as well. Search “Pritam Copy” on youtube and you’ll know.

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