Phulale re kshana maaze

Song: Phulale re kshana maaze
Movie: Rutu Hirawa
Music: Shridhar Phadke
Singers: Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: Nithin Aakhave

After marrying into a Marathi family, I was introduced to the rich Marathi music. Though I can’t grasp the nuances of the language, I can understand enough to appreciate a Marathi song. I heard some lovely songs from my husband’s collection and wanted to listen to some more. So, on my request my husband compiled a few must-listen Marathi songs for me. And I found this wonderful song on that list.

It is sung by Asha Bhosle, whose name frequently appears in Marathi music world. Apart from the singer, I know nothing about the composer or lyricist or the movie itself. So I will talk about what I know – the song.

The song is sung by a lady who is about to get married. She is experssing her anxiety, happiness and the nervousness altogether. In my opinion, (and I hope all girls agree), this song accurately describes how a soon to be bride feels.

I don’t know enough Marathi to accurately translate this song, but I can dare to try translating the first two lines. Marathi experts, please excuse any mistake.

Phulale re kshana maaze
These moments of my life have bloomed with happiness

Mendi ne, shakunachya, shakunachya, mendi ne, sazale re kshana maaze
These moments of my life have been decorated by the auspicious mehendi.

If this doesn’t tempt you to listen to the song, then the fault is all mine. Even if you don’t understand Marathi, you will still enjoy this song. Give it a try. (It is the third last song)

Lyrics of this song (in devanagari script) can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Phulale re kshana maaze

  1. I don’t understand it either, but the shehnaayi playing was a give away. It’s beautiful along with Asha’s voice. 🙂

    Have you heard mi raat taakali of Lata? I am sure you’d have. It’s one of my favorites. Do share more.

    Thank you!

  2. Amol says:

    This song has a lot of memories to me, whenever i hear this song oh.. in marathi : Angavar kate ubhe rahatat. I love here this song again and again. This song has a lot of meanings in it Just hear quietly, you all enjoy


  3. Ratnadip says:

    this is ratnadip…
    He song 2 varshapurvi aikalyar fakt song vatayche…
    Pan ata hech song kunya eka vkyaktikadun aikalyavar vatate,’kharach ti ganari vyakti maze ayushyatil kshan phulvel ka!’

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