Music Review: Om Shanti Om

Album: Om Shanti Om
Music Director: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar, Vishal

Album Rating:

Farah Khan’s next venture has the who is who of Bollywood. Considering this, I was expecting a few dozen songs in the movie. It manages to churn out one dozen. Her earlier movie, ‘Mein Hoon Na’ had some memorable numbers. The title song itself is still hummed at places. The peppy ‘Chale jaise hawayen’ is still fresh in people’s minds. Farah Khan had to present something good, if not better, but with this album is disappointing. This album lacks melody, noticeable tunes, interesting voices. The music composers have roped in some of the noteable singers (including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Richa Sharma), but still fail to produce one memorable song. With its poor original songs and poorer remix versions, this album can be easily avoided.

Ajab Si
Singer: KK

A soft, melodious, romantic number. Interesting lyrics. “Dil ko banade jo patang saasen yeh teri woh hawayen hain”. For the first time, I see heart compared to a fly and breath to wind. Interesting! ‘Chandni teri roshani ka halka sa saaya hai’ – I loved this line. Javed Akhtar Vishal has given us a romantic song which is as fresh as a flower. KK sounds strained and nasal in some places.

Deewangi Deewangi
Singers: Shaan, Udit Narayan,Shreya Goshal, Sunidhi Chauhan,Rahul Saxena

The title song of the movie should have been more powerful. It will no doubt be compared to the evergreen Rishi Kapoor song ‘Om Shanti Om’. The song fails to make you sit up and take notice of the song. It’s very slow for a dance number and the voices sound all messed up.

Main Agar Kahoon
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal

Remember Sonu Nigma’s popular album ‘Deewana’? This song could have been easily included in that album without disturbing its theme. The typical ball dance beats and the slow tempo and of course, Sonu Nigam’s voice – all of this remind you of his previous soft numbers from ‘Deewana’. It took some time to understand the words of the song, and that means Akhtar has worked hard on this!

Soona Lage
Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Richa Sharma

When two voices as powerful as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Richa Sharma come together in a song, you expect a magical song. Sadly, this song is far from it. The tune itself is not catchy – it falls flat on your ears. A classic case of wasting two great voices. Why are rustic voices like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Richa Sharma used only for melancholic songs? Maahi ve, Agle janam mohe, Maula mere maula mere are some examples.

Dhoom Tana
Singers: Abhijeet, Shreya Goshal

Abhijeet is back after a long time. His voice quality is so good and his singing is effortless – he is one singer wasted and the loss is ours. Compare Shreya’s and Ahbijeet’s singing in this song – you will know what I am talking about. Coming back to the song, the song searches for its identity – it can’t decide whether it wants to be called a wedding kind of song or a hip-hop or disco. Dhol, saxophone, hip-hop beats – one mixture which you are better far away from.

Daastaan-E-Om Shanti Om
Singers: Shaan

Its probably the scale of this song or the lyrics, this song reminds me of ‘Ek haseena thi, ek deewana tha’. Even the mood is similar. The song talks about treachery. Shaan’s voice is the saviour of the song and even he falters at times. The song is harsh on the ears and it doesn’t touch your heart.

Singers: Sukhwinder Singh

Don’t ask me what Dard-E-Disco means. Its probably the antonym of euphoria. Anyway, if you listen to this song, you will definitely be a victim of Dard-E-Disco. A remix which is a torture to your ears. Stay away from this song, you might even get a headache.

Deewangi (Rainbow remix)

Someone kindly explain what does rainbow remix mean. As if the original music wasn’t enough, this remix song tortures you till you can’t have enough.

Om Shanti Om (Medley Mix)

Take snippets of all the songs in the album, mix and match, throw in some beats and you have this song. Whats the purpose of this song? Ask the composers.

Daastaan-E-Om Shanti Om

Run as fast as you can. This song is dangerous for your health. Party goers will love this song, no doubt, but when it comes to me, I hate it.

Om Shanti Om Theme Music

After all the head-hurting remix songs, this is a welcome change. No shouting, no hard beats – small, soft clip which ends before you even start enjoying it.

Apart from the KK’s ‘Ajab Si’ and Sonu Nigam’s ‘Mein Agar Kahoon’, all the other songs are not ignorable. If I were you, I wouldn’t spend money on this.

29 thoughts on “Music Review: Om Shanti Om

  1. Unknown says:

    saw ur comments…. and ure just one of the few fussy ones. anyway u better keep ur comments to urself ! u wanna avoid the album…. please do so! the album doesnt need u either!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Comparing shreya and abhijit?….and judge effortlessness……wht happened to the reviewer….?……abhijeet still have to learn to sing beyond copying if u compare with shreya….she may not the darling of techno beat but perhaps the best singer of our time….who means and sings MUSIC…

    Two national award and film fare …and comparison with abhijeet…tho he is a popular singer…but she is a grt singer…..

  3. Anonymous @ 6:49 and 10:55: Thanks for your comments. Am glad you agree with me.

    jk: No, I am not demotivated. The fact that Himesh Reshamiya songs top the charts these days is proof enough of how music literate our people are.

    Anonymous @ 2:23: To each his own. If you think Shreya is a better singer, you are free to have your opinion. And talking about awards, I don’t consider that as a measure. I trust my ears more than any award.

  4. rofl wats ur problem says:

    rofl wats ur problem, this album is awesome, haha ur just a loser who stays in his parents basement who wants to ruin everyone else’s life roflllllll

  5. Aksfilmi, since you already read two reviews which you agreed with, who did you drop by on my blog? Let me make one thing clear. I write about _my_ opinions, not yours.

  6. Saurabh Bhakri says:

    CEtainly very undeserving and very hard to beleive review. Seems the person behind the review has no taste for the music at all.

    Need to have someone who has an ear for a music before attempting for such an unreal review. Needs a lot of study to understand the taste of the listeners.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the review for the most part. “Don’t ask me what Dard-E-Disco means. Its probably the antonym of euphoria” HAHA, I love it. I can never keep a straight face when I hear those words ‘dard-e-disco’ so lame… sigh.

  8. jk says:

    For all those people we find that the songs are good I have just one request, if you remember this album after 2/3 months or until next good album (as per your taste) is released, just drop by here and I will accept that the music is good and you have better teste for music then myself or reviewer.

  9. Girl says:

    As Anaamica has mentioned its her blog and her opinion. You have a problem dont read. Its not MANDATORY for u to read this blog. Anaamica, i am waiting for your review on ‘Saawariya’…

  10. Neil says:

    A reviewer can trust his or her ear but can we trust the reviewer? Ajab si is not penned by Javed Akhtar. Dhoom tana is an awesome number, evoking the 70s sound.

  11. Neil, that’s up to you to decide. Why are there so many reviewers and critics? Each one has his or her own perspective and taste. You need to find one reviewer whose taste matches with yours. When you need an opinion on a movie or an album, you head to that reviewer and blindly accept what he/she is saying because you know that reviewer has the same taste as yours. Same way, when you know the reviewer’s opinion doesn’t match with yours, you listen what the reviewer and do the exact opposite. If she says buy the album, stay away from it and vice versa. I can very well play the latter role in your case. What say?

    Thanks for letting me know Akhtar is not the lyrcisit of ‘Ajab si’. I will correct the post.

  12. zaara says:

    this critic is phsyco. the album of om shanti om is one of the best! and i really mean it. all the songs rock. the songs all deserve a five star according to me. the lyrics are beautiful. i have finally heard good songs after such a long time. i think all the singers were fantastic. this album deserves to be the best one of the year 2007!

  13. anoymous says:

    All of you people…just cool it..its so funny to see people raging at each other for a movie album you may or may not remember in a year…seriously..who cares?? …none of this will matter 🙂

  14. rocky says:

    bullshit, u dumb fool, what sort of review is this. the songs in this movie are just awesome. i think u better go and check your ears, there’s something stuck in it.

  15. Saket says:

    I don’t undersatnd why these reviews have been put when most of agree that these songs are just beautiful. I am just so fond of all these songs that I listen them throughout the day and can not even afford to read such ugly comments. I am sure the person who reviewed these has an ugly heart and a bad taste.

  16. I believe the songs in a movie should be there to attain the movies goals. There are many outstanding songs in plenty movies but they don’t fit the movie. Which spoils the movie and the song both in the listener’s and Views Minds.

    As for the songs – I think they were quite good. You can be cynical about the songs but, thats fine… and I believe that gives the listeners another perspective on music, but like any book and any piece of music, onces its been composed its upon the listener or the reader to decide whether its good or not.
    As for the singers, I am sure they did there best to envelope the feelings that were true to the scene in the song, so let em be.

    World is a free place, everyone having the right to their comment.

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