Why I liked Chak De India

1. The movie is crisp. It actually reminds me of a freshly starched cotton saree. Very little time wasted on unnecessary things. Rarely do you watch a movie which is as focused as this. From the moment the movie begins and till it ends, it revolves around the Indian Women’s Hockey team.

2. SRK is acting. Finally. You get to see a different angle of SRK. He is brilliant.

3. The girls. The whole world is going gaga over them. If you have caught sight of them on TV, you know how they are. I thought Vidya had the meatiest role and she wouldn’t have done a good job. Contrary to my assumption, she has quite a small role and she has done complete justice to her role. The girls look well settled in their roles. Only the prominent roles are developed and the rest are just used as fillers.

4. Music. This movie has a full fledged album with quite a few songs. None of them are lip-synced. This was a big relief. What you see on TV are all for promotional purposes. None of them figure in the movie.

5. No female lead. Thank God, SRK doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife who he goes to and cries with his head on her lap. I was so happy the director was smart enough to leave this out.

6. The intent of the movie. It answers more than one question. On one hand, it talks about other sports being overshadowed by cricket. On the other hand, it talks about women not being taken seriously in the sports field. But what touched me is the fight a man put up to prove his innocence. No media coverage, no press releases, no appearances on TV – one single blow to all those people who maligned his name. At a lower level, the movie showcases how volatile public opinion is.

I am not saying this movie is perfect. With all the ignorable limitations it has, the movie is still good. The positive points outweigh the negative ones. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I urge you to do so.

One thought on “Why I liked Chak De India

  1. A PJ here, please don’t mind [:D]:
    “women not being taken seriously in the sports field.”
    >> Couldn’t help, but smirk and remember that woman called Mandira Bedi.

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