Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikala: Zakhm

Song: Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikala
Music Director:
MM Kreem
Alka Yagnik
Anand Bakshi

I have been hooked on to this song since morning. I have already listened to it some fifteen times, but still can’t have enough.

Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikala from Zakhm. This beautiful song had slipped away from my music radar until I was recently reminded of it when I heard someone sing on Voice of India.

The song celebrates life – the lady is happy that her lover is arriving and she finds the whole world celebrating with her. The mukhda summarizes her feelings very well.

Tum aaye to aaya mujhe yaad, gali mein aaj chand nikala
Jaane kitne dinon ke baad, gali mein aaj chand nikala

The moon has arrived to brighten her house on this joyous occasion. Anand Bakshi’s took me by surprise. I haven’t found his words that interesting until now. The whole song is full of lines which you want to stop and think about. See this:

Maine tum ko aate dekha,
Apni jaan ko jaate dekha

Such beautiful lines. Not a single extraneous word – just perfect. When Alka sings these lines, the background music grinds to a halt. The magic and aura that these lines create is just awesome.

Though Alka Yagnik is not one of my favorite singers, I adore her in this song. She adds the right emotions to this song. The way her voice dances, sways and curves – I imagine her dancing in the studio while singing in the voice.

MM Kreem’s music makes you want to get up and dance. The song is so full of energy – you suddenly start feeling happy about everything around you. It begins with a soft and mellow note, and picks up speed and energy as it progresses and it ends with a shehanai piece. What other instrument can have a celebratory mood like shehnai? The song ends on a perfect note!

I was surprised to note that none of the people associated with this song are my favorites. Neither the composer, nor the singer, nor the lyricist, but still this is one of my favorite songs. This is one of those situations where three random people come together and make history. For me, this is one of the perfect songs, where everything is just right.

PS: Apologies if this post doesn’t make sense. You see, I am still swaying to the song. As they say ‘Mein nashe mein hoon’.

20 thoughts on “Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikala: Zakhm

  1. Anand Bakshi was probably the lyricist who never got his due in the current media dynamics and so not many people know about some of his great songs like “Chingari Koi Bhadke”, “Chitthi Aayee Hai”, “Chitthi na koi Sandesh” “Pardah hai Pardah”, Mere Sapnon ki Rani and zillion others. He was definitely a very commercial lyricist as well, with songs like Choli ke Peeche, Tu Cheez Badi hai mast and Taal se Taal mila. A regular lyricist in the greatest of Subhash Ghai (Karma, Taal, Saudagar) and Yash Chopra movies (Chandni, Mohabbatein, Dil to Pagal Hai ).

    I like this song from Zakhm too and I quite agree with your description of the feelings it evokes, more so for a person who has watched the movie. But I hope you will find Anand Bakshi’s words more interesting now 🙂

  2. sham says:

    oh yeah the song is fantastic. this type of song is rare nowadays. but Alka yagnik did justice with the song and its a very beautiful song overall. and i think Alka yagnik is the best playback singing with her unique melodious and charismatic voice. it takes you very far…….. her voice quality is so good soo beautiful its really o gift from god……… i am sure that there will be a second sunidhi chauhan there will be a second sherya goshal but NEVER THERE WILL BE A SECOND ALKA YAGNIK……. what she sang is my favorite…………….. i feel like singing AAAAAAAAAAllllllllllllllllkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggmiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkk……………

  3. mohitontherocks: I am sure Anand Bakshi has his own fan following, but I don’t find his lyrics that captivating. This was one of the songs where I saw Bakshi writing interesting lyrics. There are many songs where I find the lyrics very ordinary (and sometimes senseless) and find out that the lyricist is Bakshi.

    Bakshi was an out and out commercial lyricist. The songs which you have mentioned are known for their music rather than their lyrics. At least, for me, the above songs do not have extra-ordinary lyrics. In fact, songs like, “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” have ‘bad’ lyrics. Anand Bakshi doesn’t take my favorite lyricist title, but from now on, I will keep a positive outlook towards him.

  4. sham, I don’t think I agree with you. Yes, Alka Yagnik has given us many beautiful numbers, but she has her own share of bad songs. In some of the songs, she sounds terrible. She is certainly not versatile – she can’t sing any kind of songs. I personally think she is not made for ghazals. The new Umrao Jaan is an example.

  5. Anaamica: Favorite lyricist is definitely a personal opinion and I did not suggest that you should have Bakshi as ur fav (he is not my fav either). The point I wanted to drive home is that he has definitely written beautiful songs (along with crap songs). And seeing your interest in music through your blog, I found it unusual that you had never heard a ‘good’ Anand Bakshi song.

    To say that “Chitthi Aayee Hai” is known more for its music is downright injustice to the lyrics that so beautifully capture the pain and sorrow of a father’s heart pining to see his son come back from abroad.

    It was good to read that you will keep a positive outlook towards him. That’s the way to go forward in life, I guess! Keep writing!

  6. Yeah, I missed “Chitthi Aayee Hai” in your list of songs. Yes, the song is known for its lyrics and singing more than its music. It was my mistake in including this song as something known for its music. The song is good and it tugs at your heart with the right emotions, but still the words are very ordinary to me. The words do their work, they make you feel sad – Bakshi does complete justice, but still there is nothing in the song which makes me go look for the lyricist.

    Gulzar has been one of my favorites and whenever I hear some song with interesting lyrics, I go look for the lyricist and more often than not, it’s Gulzar. I had no idea ‘Beedi jalaile’ was from Gulzar. When I heard the song, I liked the words and realized later that the lyricist is Gulzar. Another favorite lyricist is Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. Right from ‘Aapki aankhon ne samjha’ to ‘Aap Kyun Roye’, I have found myself wondering about who the lyricist is. A more recent example is ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Kijiyo’. Javed Akhtar is a well respected and talented lyricist. He too writes words which work, which do justice, but very few of his songs take me by surprise. For me, Anand Bakshi too falls in this category. It has so happened that I have heard many of his ‘bad’ songs than good ones. Probably that’s why I am not aware of some good Bakshi songs. As I said, I will keep my ears open! Just like how I found ‘Gali Mein Aaj’, I might find more gems from Bakshi.

  7. Umesh says:

    Very true..the song gali mein aaj chand nikla haunts me so much..
    As the starter of the thread said until i saw priyani sing in Voice of India, which i missed that episode..i had not much heard about this..may be a line or two somewhere..
    The other day i saw it on you tube and from that day was hooked onto this song.I immediately wanted to know who the music director and lyricist were and they were to my surprise..
    Exactly neither of them are my favourites either but what an amazing song..too good..

  8. Sanjay says:

    While you are on “Zakhm”, you should also listen to another beauty from the same film – “Hum yahaan, tum yahaan,diljawaan, woh samaa” by Alka ( with a male version by Kumar Sanu). Its a lovely, smokey number and I prefer this one to the “Galee mein aaj chaand…” because both – the mukhda & antara of this one are in perfect synch. While the mukhda in “Galee mein aaj chaand…” is soul stirring, the first 2 lines of the antara are somewhat mundane and are saved in the nick of the time by the last two lines in which Alka beautifully manoevres the song to the mukhda again.
    Anyways, as you said, the song is one of the few gems in recent times.

  9. Okay, I will certainly listen to it. I think I have heard that song, but I have forgotten everything about the song.

    I kind of agree with you about ‘Gali Mein’ song’s antara. There is a somewhat disconnect between the rest of the song and the first two lines of the antara. But, the rest of the song is so brilliant that you overlook this tiny flaw.

  10. when i hear this song when i was just 9 years old now a days when my girlfriend told me she love this song very much. I also like this song but after my girl said to me i love all that song whatever she love i just love that things

  11. Pappu Keonjhar says:

    I love this Song (Gali Mein Aaj Chaand Nikla) from the core of my heart. Its a beautyful love song full of heart touching emotions. It brings shivers to heart and brain. I become emotional when I go through each word of this lovely song. Thanx a lot to music director and composer of this. Can this be sent to me on my mail id ?.

  12. Oh..yeah…this is one of my favourite songs…it came when I was in school… and I still listen to it… this is perhaps only one new hindi song…which made my mom turn her head and ask..”what song is it? what movie is it from?” when I used to play it continuously throughout…. 🙂
    “maine tumko aate dekha..
    apni jaan ko jaate dekha….”
    – So wonderfully made song takes u in to that mood…. when Alka Yagnik streches her voice…saying gali mein aaj chaand niklaaaaaaaaaaaa…. one cant resist swaying in rhythm!

  13. lakshay says:

    alka yagnik is the most versatile singer ever…n this song proves it……nobody other than alka cud hav sounded 2 perfect…..she z the best!!!!!

  14. Sebastian says:

    This song is very melodious. As people here point out that only Alka Yagnik can sing such a song is not correct. I just heard the same song sung by the tiney tot girl-Anamicka Chaowdri in the Youtube. I find more life in this little girl’s voice than Alka’s. It is the haunting music, good romantic lyrics and a good voice singing it makes this song beautiful. It is a team work. One more thing I want to emphacize-It would have been nice ,if the picturisation was done on a Muslim story,where the heroine is longing for the arrival of her beloved at the time of Eid,when there will be a full moon.

  15. Well, a point everyone missed out here was the music. Everyone stated that the music was haunting, good etc. Basically using superlatives. But noone talked about the nuances of the song. If you analyze closely, M M Kreem has used a variety of unconventional, indian instruments in this song which nobody dares to do for the fear of making it sound like a classical song. For example, Santoor is used. Hardly anyone uses this instrument in commercial movies now. Likewise, Shehnai, Tabla, etc are used, to make the song all the more melodious, yet peppy and relevant to the times. Kudos to Kreem. I think it’s only a few south indian music directors who have the nerve to experiment, like Ilayraja, Rehman and Kreem. None from other parts of India, at least in commercial sense.

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