Music Review: Cash

Album: Cash
Music Directors: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyricist: Vishal Dadlani
Album Rating:

Considering that the movie in question is action oriented, one can forgive the music directors and the lyricist for this unimpressive collection of songs. However, that does not justify the gibberish that is passed on as lyrics. The music is at times worth listening to, but the moment you train your ears to get used to the music, your brain refuses to take in the words hurled at you. This lyricist, obviously, does not realize what lyrics mean to the song.

You are mind blowing Mahiya

This song sounds like a cheap remix of a 50’s song. The lyrics is pathetic, and that is an understatement. The song was meant to be catchy, but it is not. You would not want to hear it again. This song is making rounds on TV these days.

Naa Poocho

This song is more like a continuation of the previous ‘Mind blowing Maahiya’ song. The same tempo, same voice and even lyrics quality matches! Looks like the chorus male singers are in a ‘who-can-utter-words-fast’ competition. Note that the competition is who ‘utters’ fast, not ‘sing’ fasts. If I can borrow this from Tom Robbins, they sound like popcorn coming out of a pop corn maker. At least pop corns sound pleasant. Sunidhi Chauhan tries hard to put life into this song, but the male singers undo all her efforts.

Rehem Kare

One more song by Sunidhi – sung really well and this time even the music makes you sway your head. Dollops of English words here and there. The first line of the song is funny – “Shamiyana there bahon ka”. Wow, that must be one broad-shouldered guy. The title of the song is ‘Rehem kare – Have mercy’. Why should you have mercy? No reason given.

Naughty Naughty

A catchy song, with Hindi and English interspersed, clearly intended to be an item song. I think I know what the lyricist did for this song. Do a survey of 20 college students, get their five most used words, re-arrange them and sell it as a song. That’s how this song was made. Need I say more?

Zara Bachke

Even though I hate those remixed songs which contain a generous amount of English words, surprisingly, I like this song the best in the album. One reason, it sounds different from the others and this song is catchy. You tap your feet unconsciously.


Your typical fast paced song which you hear in the background when the main lead is robbing the bank. You get the idea? Nothing to take back home, listen and forget. Lyrics? What lyrics?

My advice: If rap, remix songs irritate you, stay away from the album.

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