Music Review: Cheeni Kum

Album: Cheeni Kum
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Singers: Shreya Goshal, Vijay Prakash
Lyricist: Sameer
Album Rating:

‘Ready to serve’ goes the movie punch line. If this music is offered to you on a platter, make sure you pick up a small portion of it. It’s too sweet – you might get diabetes. As if to contradict the movie’s title ‘Cheeni Kum’ (means less sugar), the songs are all too sweet. The album has seven songs, which includes two instrumental pieces. Most of the album is dominated by Shreya Goshal, who does justice to her lion’s share. NOne of the songs are original – all are reused from Ilayaraja’s previous efforts. (Did they hear about software reuse by any chance?). It’s likely that those who have heard the original songs would prefer those over these newer ones. Wish Ilayaraja had created something fresh for this movie – he would have definitely created magic.

A must buy if you are a fan of Ilayaraja or Shreya Goshal. Listen to the songs once, you might like the older versions better.

Sooni Sooni Khoyi Khoyi
Singer: Vijay Prakash
Lyricist: Sameer

This is the male version of the title song. While the female version oozes liveliness, the male version is equally sombre. The singer does a good job of sounding gloomy. I think this voice suits Big B. Sudesh Bhosle has a new competitor. With all due credit to the singer, after listening to the bubbly Shreya, my ears didn’t like the male version. With quite a few cliche lines, lyrics is nothing great.

Theme Melody – Saxophone

The theme of the movie, with saxophone as the main instrument. The music has a western touch to it, but that’s mainly because of the saxophone. It’s a little longer than 2 minutes and is pleasant on the ears.

Baatein Hawa Hain Saari
Singer: Shreya Goshal with Big B’s dialogues in between.
Lyrics: Sameer

My favorite song in this album. Shreya’s bubbly journey continues in this song. I think this song is picturized on Tabu, who is mocking at Big B. Lyrics is quite interesting. ‘Chhe foot ki deewar mein, dil ki khidki nahin’ and such humorous lines are aplenty. Her voice suits the mood of the song perfectly and she does complete justice to the song. She has the perfect blend of innocence and naughtiness.

Jaane Do Na
Singer: Shreya Goshal
Lyrics: Sameer

I know this song better as ‘Joteyali, Jote Joteyali’ – a very popular Kannada song composed by Ilayaraja. The Kannada song is sung by S Janaki and SPB. Whenever I listened to this song, I always felt that nobody can sing it better than S Janaki and SPB. Even though Shreya has sung this song with sincerity, I just can’t like her. S Janaki’s haunting song overpowers Shreya’s supple voice. The lyrics sounds as if Hindi words were hammered down to fit into the tune. My ears just refuse to take in these sound bytes.

Theme Melody – Piano

The theme of the movie, with piano as the main instrument. While the saxophone has a disco touch to it, this sounds like a piece in an opera. I like this version better. It’s mellow and soft on the ears.

Cheeni Kum
Singer: Shreya Goshal
Lyrics: Sameer

The title song which is doing the rounds on all music channels. Don’t go by the words of the song – this song has all the sugar you will ever find. Shreya’s sweet voice and Ilayaraja’s melodious tune make sure you get the dose of sugar you need.

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