Look ma… I have a new toy

As a new-job gift, my husband presented me with a nifty, black, 80GB, fifth generation iPod. Being a music fanatic, me and my husband think that it’s worth all the money we spent on it.

The mouse wheel is as good as it was claimed to be. Just slide your finger over the glossy surface and iPod is at your service. It’s heavier than I thought. It’s black skin shines and it’s steel body is cold to the touch. It can play movies, it can store photographs… more than what I asked for. I was happy with just the music part.

I can access songs based on playlists, album, composer etc. Shuffle option is of course there. It comes pre-loaded with a few games. One of them is this cool game where a random song is picked and a part of it (not necessarily from the start) is played. You need to guess the song from the four options given. Probably boring for some, but for me, it sure is engaging. I could play this for ever.

What I really hate about this product is that it doesn’t have a stop button. Nope, I can’t stop playing a song. I can pause or start some other song, but I can’t stop. It’s official, it’s there on the site: iPod doesn’t have a stop button. I guess Apple wants to keep the music flowing. Don’t stop… let the music play.

It has gapless playback feature, which means the iPod will play music back to back with no gap in between. When switching from one song to the other, you will have absolutely no lapse. This does support the previous ‘Let the music flow’ philosphy, doesn’t it?

All in all, my satisfaction meter shows thumbs up for this new addition in my kitty. Bring on the music.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be a review of iPod. This is just me drooling over my new found joy (or toy?).

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