Nee Amritadhare….

Nee amritadhate, koTi januma jategaati
Nee amritadhare, ihaku paraku sangaati

goes the mellifluous, soft and romantic number from the movie Amritadhare.

This is one of my favorite recent Kannada songs. Heavily impressed by the song and having heard good reviews about the movie, I wanted to watch the movie. And yes, I did watch it a few days back.

The movie is definitely above average. The story is nothing new, female lead is about to die and the male lead tries to fulfill all her wishes. The male character is not strong enough. The only thing that is highlighted throughout the movie is his miserliness. The chemistry between Ramya and Dhyan is amazing. They are picturized as a lovely couple – a normal couple with all the ups and downs. Ramya is excellent – does justification to her role. Dhyan is good too, but his character could have been etched better.

I wasn’t disappointed with the movie – I got what I expected. In fact, it exceeded my expectations to a certain level. But… I was extremely disappointed with the song picturization. I was visualizing a couple, enjoying each other’s company and displaying their (platonic) love through soft gestures. Something like ‘Tunturu’ in Amritavarshini. Nagatihalli’s desperate attempt to make it look like ‘Pehla Nasha’ is very evident. Just like this lovely Hindi song, the whole song (or almost) is shot in slow motion and that’s where the similarity ends. Aamir and Ayesha were shot doing natural things – jumping in the air, running around like crazy, day dreaming. They weren’t dancing in the rain wearing skimpy clothes, were they? This song is entirely shot in rain and it doesn’t even try to be sensual.

Such a beautiful song and Nagatihalli wasted an opportunity to create magic on screen. Tsk… tsk…

Moral of the story: Do not watch Kannada songs, just limit it to listening.

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