Antakshari or Ant (end) of something else?

There was a time when India was associated with non-violence, politeness, hospitality. The reason why India is so revered is becuase we won freedom by following the path of non-violence. The image might continue to live in foreigner’s eyes, but it is certianly fading in ours.

I caught a few episodes of Indian Idol 2006, the other talent show telecast on Zee (I forget the name). I watch Antakshari without fail. What I am appalled with is the lack of politeness, humility and a little compassion from the judges. I can’t comment on the former two shows, because I haven’t seen much of it.

Annu Kapoor and Juhi Parmar host Antakshari (I am sorry, I can’t type the whole god-forsaken name here, Colgate blah-blah-blah) and they don’t miss a single opportunity of insulting the participants. It’s a game, it’s not a war. With all the war cries of ‘zone ka maan bachana hai’ ‘zone ka maan rakhna hai’, they are making it look like a war. And what are they fighting for? To take the medal for being the most knowledgeable of Hindi Bollywood songs? Is it even something you want to be proud of? Ask the same people to participate in KBC and let’s see how many questions they answer. No, I am not saying KBC is better, but at least you need to have some general knowledge to win money. Memorizing Hindi film songs is not general knowledge. Yes, being aware of who the music director is, who wrote the lyrics counts as general knowledge.

Annu Kapoor gets really annoyed when participants don’t know simple things about Bollywood music. I am fine with it. When you take the huge responsibility of keeping up your zone’s respect (yeah right) and enter the war (here here), then you should know everything about the song. Just knowing the wordings doesn’t mean much. You get annoyed, you don’t have to insult the participants, right? Why don’t you filter the crowd in the beginning itself? According to what I know, auditions are held, and only the singing ability is taken into consideration. Yes, that is required, but you should also give them a written test and find out their actual level of knowledge in this field. Just good singing doesn’t help.

If the hosts are so worried about the zonal respect, don’t they realize their responsibility of keeping the country’s respect? Aren’t they supposed to imbibe Indian qualities like politeness in themselves? Aren’t they supposed to live up to the image of India?

Be a little kind to your participants, Mr. Annu Kapoor. They might not be as good as you are. Now, not everybody can be Annu Kapoor. Can they?

PS: What’s this post doing on Saregama? Well, the post is about Antakshari and Antakshari is about music.

One thought on “Antakshari or Ant (end) of something else?

  1. arun bajaj says:

    why you are spoiling the show with that wooden faced juhi parmaar who don’t know anything about our legacy of film-music. she is totally misfit on this programme and we can’t bear her because of her stupidity.

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