Golmaal (2006)

I watched Golmaal (the new 2006 version) over the weekend and was pleasantly taken by surprise. I was expecting it to be like Hungama or Garam Masala. Throughout the movie, I couldn’t stop laughing, I had a tummy ache by the end of it.

I don’t want to reveal the story here because the story as such is nothing great. The characters, their timing is what makes this movie so intolerably funny. Our main characters are Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Sharman Joshi and Tushar Kapoor. (Sorry Tushar, I don’t belive in numerology).

Ajay has the meatiest role of all. He is the leader of the gang and he harasses the other three because of his self elected leader position. He has improved a lot from Ishq. In Ishq, he was pathetic compared to the brilliant Aamir. Here he shines in a few scenes but fails to cast his charm when compared to the other characters.

Arshad Warsi is energetic, has the right timing, delivers dialogues in the best way and man he can act! This circuit doesn’t let you down. In fact, watch out for the short Sanjay Dutt mimicry by Arshad. Its worth it. He looks good and he rocks throughout the movie.

Sharman Joshi needs a special apperciation. He did well in Style and he is so much better in Golmaal. As the sincere, God fearing, college goer, he is just perfect. He adds more charm to the scene when teamed with Arshad. With both these guys on screen together, its more than what you could ask for.

Tushar Kapoor. He proves he can do comedy. He doesn’t have much of a role here. He is dumb, so he doesn’t have dialogues. But his sign languages and Sharman Joshi’s interpretation works well. He has done quite well with the little window given to him.

Paresh Rawal doesn’t do comedy in this. His is more of a serious role. No need to say he does justice to his role.

Rimi Sen is so irritating. She can’t act to save her life. Does she realize that comedy is one of the most difficult things to do? Why does she have to be in every comedy movie? When was she crowned the comedy queen?

Songs are fast-forwardable, except for the retro-ish Kyon Aage Peeche Dolte Ho Bhavron Ki Tarah. The nasal voices, the melodious music, the tune makes you go back to Shamshad Begum songs. It’s a treat to watch this song.

I am so glad this movie is not about having an affair with your neighbor. Of late, adultery has become the main theme in all comedy movies (eg: Garam Masala, Hungama). Hungama was so horrible, vulgar and loud, I would even label it as an adult movie. This movie is so clean and funny. As they say it’s “Nirmal Anand”.

All in all, a good movie. Full time pass and ultimate comedy. One can’t help but think, if Govinda was in the place of Ajay, this movie would have been so much better. Still, a movie worth watching. At least twice.

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