Music review: Kaabul Express

Kaabul Express
Movie: Kaabul Express

Year: 2006
Music Director: Raghav Sachar
Singers: Shubha Mudgal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kay Kay, Julius Packiam, Raghav Sachar

What’s with the new trend? Compose a song, compose another version of the same, call it remixed version and then include an instrumental version of the same song! This is so true for Kaabul Express. Two songs with their three versions: six songs in total. Phew!

Raghav Sachar boasts of an ability to play 24 instruments. Musicians invest their entire lifetime to an instrument and consider themselves students and here is barely 20 young man who claims to know 24 instruments. He tries to prove his point in Kaabul Express (This explains the three versions of songs!). Instead of showing his varied talents, he could have picked one central theme or variety and stuck to it. He mixes and matches too much and you can feel it strained at some places. He tries his hand at singing too. Raghav, my advice to you: leave the singing to singers, who know it best. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

It’s quite clear this young lad has attitude and he shows it. Visit his site to see it. With his gallery dedicated to his photos in all possible poses, I won’t be surprised if he tries out acting too. Never know.

Singer: Shubha Mudgal
A haunting, rustic song with Shubhaji’s soulful voice adding a zing to it. The choice of instruments, the tune, Shubha Mudgal’s voice, the pace makes this song a treat to listen to. Not a must have song, but you won’t run for your remote if this song starts playing.

Banjar – Lounge Mix
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Same song, same lyrics, different music, different singers. Depending on your music taste, you might prefer this song to the Shubha Mudgal version. I liked this version better. It has more variety than the first version. Sunidhi rocks.

Banjar – Revisited
Singer: Kay Kay
Third version of the same song. This is fast paced, has straining guitar stings and crooning Kay Kay. This suits the disco group more.

Kaabul Express Theme
Singer: Julius Packiam

This has a haunting touch to it. It reminded me of one of the Enigma songs. A treat to listen to when you don’t want to do anything but listen to something good. Saxophone (I think it is saxophone) dominates the major part of this piece and is so smooth and good on ears. The sparing background humming by the singer just adds to the beauty!

Kaabul Fiza
Singer: Raghav Sachar

The music director himself tries his hand at singing. His voice is nothing unconventional and his diction needs some work. The way he pronounces ‘khuda’ is awful. The song is catchy, has some good instruments. It is hummable, but I am sure it would sound better with a better singer. Raghav has mixed

Kaabul Fiza – Remix
Singer: Raghav Sachar

Santa Singh, Banta Singh, one and the same singh. Same wine, different packaging.

Kaabul Fiza – Instrumental

I prefer this over the other two songs. You don’t have tolerate the horrible nasal singing of Mr.Sachar. This is pleasing on the ears.

Keh Raha Mera Dil
Singer: Raghav Sachar

The instrumental prelude (guitar) reminds me of the prelude of Rang De Basanti’s Roobaroo. Getting inspired here, are we? Apart from this, a sweet, slow and soft song. Lyrics are quite good. Singing lets this song down. The song’s tune is really well made.

Yeh Main Aaya Kahan Hoon
Singer: Raghav Sachar

Sounds so similar to the previous one. Was that intentional? Raghav’s voice gets boring by the time you reach this song. You just beg to listen to someone else sing. The songs sound so similar, looks like

Raghav couldn’t come up with something different. I think he will be worn out soon.

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